The powerful descriptive writing in Attars took me on an introspective journey filled with imagery and emotion. Months after reading Attars, it still lingers in my mind.

Denise Lammi, Author of Lucid World

We have been reading your book aloud to each other as we drive. On the ferry now for a 16 hour journey and we are marvelling at your words. French fearsome tiny Aztec baby are the last words we’ve  just read and we are looking at each other in amazement. Bravo my darling!!

Reading you on the rainy Alaska hwy. You illuminate our way, our heart, our spirit…even our very souls. You are close with us on this adventure, as we arrive to Innisfree. Your essence is the seed planted in our hearts.

Barbara Raphael, Poet and Life Cycle Celebrant

I just finished Attars, and it was a fine read!  Of course I liked the Dunes setting and the cast of characters.  Most of all I liked the depths of your journey through the illusions of the “reality” most of us are living in.  Right away I saw I needed to take side notes to go back to later, to enjoy more leisurely the heart of your work.  Below are noted just a few of the page numbers with subject matter that I marked and especially enjoyed:
     28.  Essences.  The very last paragraph speaks volumes about understanding the essences.
     51.  The “two sets of books” beginning with paragraph 4 and on to the end of page 52.  Wow!
     69.  The Book of Secrets.  Underscores the difficulty in trying to have an original thought (and I’m still trying).
     83.  Inner sensorium.  Starts with paragraph 3 and goes (in and out and all around) to the end of the next page.
     167. Watchers.  Makes me feel like I’m in a room of a thousand eyes.  And I’m watching them watching me…
     Of course I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book, but on those pages were what I feel are the crystallized “essences” of the Essences.
  I’ve spent considerable time camping in Dunite coves in the Dunes, back before they became so immensely popular with the off-road crowd, and in the wilds below Oso Flaco where few seldom go.  I always carried the writings of Dunites like Hugo with me to savor in the evenings after I had supper and took care of camp chores.  I wish I’d had Attars with me back in those days to enjoy (and re-read) by the light of my campfire with essence of wild dune mint blooming heavy in the night air.
     Thank you for your contribution towards greater awareness …

Norm Hammond, Historian of the Dunes

As I read through Carol Sill’s new book, I became deeply intrigued with the downright originality of Attars. I couldn’t stop thinking about it long after it was done. You won’t have read anything like it before. It is brilliant and wise.

Ann Mortifee, Performer, Composer, Author

Thank you! I cannot tell you how moved and inspired I am by your extraordinary book. I have passed it on to a friend who also dove right in. I look forward to a time when we can sit and talk about our inner journeys, your book has certainly jump started mine.

Valley Hennell, Producer

I felt your voice in the book reminds me of Shamcher’s voice in Fairy Tales are True.  I loved the section on the Guys and am still enjoying contemplating the idea of what our essence is in life and what it may become at death, and linking that to the akasha.  It has actually blown my mind, so thank you!I look forward to making my way through the rest of the book but wanted you to know the above right away.  I can only imagine what it would be like to create a book and set it out there.  Simples and bundles.  Good stuff.

Judy Evaski, Therapist

An intriguing and captivating read by a local Canadian author Carol Sill

Cinnamon Cranston, The Mindful Body

Wow savouring the last pages of your book. Many fascinating layers of being and story telling….some familiar and some fresh essences……(some haunting and some magical)

Anna Milton, Fine Artist

Delighted to get signed copies of Carol Sill’s new book Attars. And what a first-rate book launch party it was. Congratulations.

Carol Parnell